Treasures II

Today I found these. They aren’t your ordinary, average, every-day letters.
They were written in 1944 an 1945 by my grandfather. 
In World War II.
“Dear Mom + Pop,

I haven’t written in about a week or more, the reason being, I have been moving in all that time. I am now in Germany, with the 1st Army. I can’t say very much at this time, because the censoring is very tight. So I’ll just say that I am still in the best of health and hope and pray you both are the same.

Please don’t worry about me, I am ok. Being in Germany isn’t as bad as it sounds. God Bless you both.

Love, Dave”

I also found this little pocket Webster dictionary…bound in a little leather case. It is about the size of two quarters…absolutely teeny!
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