Here we are at the penultimate meeting of the week, in these last days we have embarked on a path to help you make a convenient choice regarding the photographer of your wedding and, if you will have patience and follow us until the end of next week in which we will give you a tip a day, we will also tell you how to receive our precious gift, or our guide to the “questions absolutely to do to the photographer before signing the contract”.

Yesterday we talked about the warnings to activate the “do not trust” alarm in the event that the photographer you meet only talks about himself, his amazing equipment and uses technicalities unknown to you. If you missed this post, no problem, just scroll down our page to find it.

But today we want you to think about something very important, but first we have to ask you a question:

Whose marriage is it?

Well, this simple answer is essential if you keep it in mind even when you go to a photo studio to talk about the service for your wedding day. A photographer is an artist, but he is also a professional and a professional has the obligation to best satisfy the demands of his client. So it’s okay for the photographer to talk to you about his photographic style, how he intends to deal with the service, about more or less technical things, but it is also necessary that the photographer will fill you with questions, because marriage is yours. His style, his ways of doing and everything, must necessarily fit together or at least adapt to you, otherwise it will be a catastrophe. With the Caitlin Sheffer Photography the results are perfect.

  • If, for example, the photographer has an extreme reportage style, he likes to photograph what happens without giving you indications on what you will have to do and how to move and instead you and your other half are very private people and the camera makes you uncomfortable. Will photos ever come out?
  • Or if you and your better half, for example, want to take photos with your closest friends at the sea, while you laugh and joke all together and the photographer instead loves to take romantic pictures of sunsets at sunset, you will surely have a disappointment will risk ruining your wedding day, and then the album.

As we always say the moments of a wedding do not have the replay, if the photographer does not photograph them as you would like them you will never be able to do it again and you will have lost them forever.

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